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ENGRAVED Craft Cocktail Rocks® 2.00" CUBE

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The 2.00" princess-cut cube is the tried and true standard to elevate the quality of any "on the rocks" cocktail.  Now you can get the most popular cube available, ENGRAVED with your custom initial, monogram, logo or other line art image.

How do we do it? The ice is actually engraved with computer controlled machinery that can duplicate almost any art file you can provide.  The cube is fully edible and 100% ice.  The white engraved area is actually snow that is packed into the cube during the engraving process.   

The engraving area is 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" so images must be simple and have a "square" format rather than landscape or portrait orientation.  Please note that some of the images shown are mock ups for visual purposes only.

For ease of ordering, we have included a Courier font in both letters and numbers as the option to choose from for this item.  If you have another font, image, icon or line art in mind, simply choose "OTHER" after you choose your quantity and leave us notes in the special instructions section on the next screen after you add the item to your cart.

What if your image will not work for engraved ice?  No worries, we will let you know and can provide you with the alternative embossed ice that can include much more detail than an engraving.

We will contact you to discuss the details, your idea and the file to make sure we can do what you have in mind.  We need 4-6 weeks for engraved orders once the artwork is approved and the proof is finalized.

36 count / 6 individually sleeved packs (6 cubes per sleeve)

72 count / 12 individually sleeved packs (6 cubes per sleeve)

108 count / 18 individually sleeved packs (6 cubes per sleeve)

About the packaging:   To learn more about our packaging click here.

Each pack includes a vacuum sealed sleeve of six Craft Cocktail Rocks that are individually separated with a square of recyclable food-safe foam to prevent the ice from sticking together.  The ice is then packaged 7 sleeves per polyethylene pouch to offer maximum protection.  

The entire shipment will arrive packed in dry ice within a heavily insulated reusable thermal shipper.  The ice is guaranteed to arrive completely frozen within 3 days of shipment.

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