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Craft Cocktail Rocks® 2.50" CUBE

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The 2.50" princess-cut cube is a taller, longer lasting, more impressive cube to help elevate the quality of any "on the rocks" cocktail, including an Old Fashioned, Negroni or Manhattan.  It is also great for double shot pours of any spirit.  This real ice cube is designed to fit perfectly in most larger doubles straight-sided rocks glass over 12oz.

The 2.50" princess-cut cube is currently available in the following quantities:

30 count / 6 individually sleeved packs (5 cubes per sleeve)

60 count / 12 individually sleeved packs (5 cubes per sleeve)

90 count / 18 individually sleeved packs (5 cubes per sleeve)

About the packaging:   To learn more about our packaging click here.

Each pack includes a vacuum sealed sleeve of five Craft Cocktail Rocks that are individually separated with a square of recyclable food-safe foam to prevent the ice from sticking together.  The ice is then packaged 6 sleeves per polyethylene pouch to offer maximum protection.  

The entire shipment will arrive packed in dry ice within a heavily insulated reusable thermal shipper.  The ice is guaranteed to arrive completely frozen within 3 days of shipment.

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